Digital and print: The perfect combination


(1 - 2 minute read)

Digital may be at the forefront, but for companies looking to take things one step further, the key is to find opportunities to combine digital and print marketing efforts for a cohesive brand experience. 

Print marketing can be extremely affective in the digital world we live in. But, that said, there are a few things you should consider before you rush to the printers...   

Don’t let your messages get lost in the translation

You must think about how (and if) your messages will translate when applied to different media. An image or advert may look fantastic on a screen, but will it have the same effect when printed in a newspaper? Is the text big enough? Does the wording need to be altered to suit the new media context?

Don’t print for the sake of it

Make sure you save your print marketing efforts for the messages and purposes that will reap the most benefits. Creating downloadable and printable versions of your online content is a great way to combine print and digital promotion, especially if it’s useful content that your customers would want to keep. Think resources like planners, cheat sheets and shopping lists.

Try interactive

Print marketing doesn’t have to stop with the paper it’s printed on. Consider ways of making your print media interactive for truly memorable ways of blending your digital and print marketing efforts. Interactive print can range from simply adding QR codes and scannable content to printed game boards that interact with smartphone apps.

So you see, print isn’t dead. And nor is it irrelevant. If anything, print has actually been revived by the advances of technology and online information. In a world of screens, pop-ups and digital files, we are finding ourselves drawn back to the familiarity and trustworthiness of printed media.