Why you should hire a professional copywriter


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Whether you’re having your first ever website built or you’re updating your existing site, you need a professional copywriter.

The importance of the copy on both your site and in your regular blog updates is often underestimated – your copy will be one of the first things a potential client reads and it’s vital it doesn’t make the wrong first impression.

It’s easy to forget sometimes that copywriting is a honed skill just like any other profession. And it’s common for businesses to think it will save time and money if they just do it themselves. Unless you have experience in professional copywriting and SEO (search engine optimisation) we suggest you don’t make this mistake. A professional copywriter can offer more than just a firm grasp of grammar and spelling. Read this before you decide whether or not to swerve this important service.

A professional copywriter can:

Support your business objectives

The main purpose of website copy is to persuade or help the reader to complete some form of goal that will help your business. That goal could be anything from making a purchase, filling out an enquiry form or simply spending more time reading the content on your site.

There is a subtle science behind copywriting; a psychology of sorts. Well-chosen words in well-chosen places can evoke emotions or prompt important actions that would not have occurred had the copy not been expertly written for this very purpose.


Write with SEO in mind

 Another key benefit of hiring professional copywriters is their ability to write in an SEO-friendly manner. Most are well-trained in this essential aspect of online content writing, and can provide advice on best practices as well as write copy that is engineered to drive traffic to your website.

Copy that is SEO-friendly will be concise, scannable and contain the correct keywords in appropriate volume. These elements combined will ensure that your website and content is found by the right people, and ranked highly by search engines.


Connect with your audience

 Researching and understanding the needs and pain points of a target audience is usually the first port of call for a professional copywriter taking on a new project. They will take the time to get to know your audience as well as you do, and then build upon this knowledge to deliver targeted copy that will resonate with and motivate them. 

Businesses can sometimes get so carried away with trying to sell to people, that they forget simply how to talk to people through their web copy. This is an issue that an impartial copywriter can help you avoid.


Write objectively

Speaking of being impartial, there is another key reason why hiring a copywriter from outside your business can be so beneficial: they can write objectively. Business owners and even marketing teams, particularly with new start-ups, can get carried away when writing copy for their websites, purely because they’re so close to it.

Your business is your baby, and so it becomes very difficult to separate the truly important things from the less important. Copywriters are trained to cut right through the unnecessary information and focus solely on what your customers truly care about.


Save you time

You’re running a business and have a million important things to juggle on a daily basis, so it follows that copywriting will take a back seat. This often leads to the writing being rushed or neglected altogether, which of course spells disaster for the performance and appeal of your website.

In this situation, hiring a copywriter becomes the ideal solution. If you don’t have the time, find somebody who does. Copywriting agencies and freelancers will be able to work with you to devise a writing schedule that fits your needs and timescales, leaving you with more time to concentrate on keeping your business running smoothly.


Write copy worthy of your website

 Having devoted so much time, money and passion into getting your new website looking so slick, it would be a shame to ruin it with unworthy copy. It makes far more sense to populate your site with copy that matches up to the quality of its design, and that’s where a professional writer can help you out. If you cut corners on your copy, clients will wonder where else is your business you’ve done the same.

Copywriters are trained to adapt their writing styles to suit different sectors and subject areas, as well as create different tones of voice to match purpose and audience demographics.

Quite often you’ll find that design agencies offer integrated services. So, it’s very likely that the agency who designs and builds your new website will also offer professional copywriting services to ensure your site isn’t just a pretty face.

We will most commonly offer copywriting services as part of our web design packages because we truly believe a website is not complete without professional copy.

If you’d like to discuss copywriting, web design or simply how to show your audience that you care, give us a call: 020 3290 4036